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Self-Destructing Snaps: Secret.li is Like Snapchat Meets Facebook Photos



Privacy concerns abound in the digital age, especially where pictures are concerned. With massive social networks like Facebook and Instagram offering more-or-less on/off security with little in way of customization, apps that allow you to take your photos’ privacy in your own hands by deleting the photo after a set amount of time have taken off (think Snapchat and Facebook’s Poke).

Secret.li is such an app, only it takes a different approach at making the Facebook sharing of photos more secure by combing the self-destructing function of Snapchat with a few other privacy-focused features.


When you use Secret.li, you not only get to decide how long the photo stays in existence — 1 day, 1 week or 1 month — you also get to decide who gets to see the real photo, and select a privacy filter that will display for everyone else.

It’s a simple four step process: take a photo in-app (or select one from your library), choose a privacy filter, select a time limit, and then share with only those Facebook friends who you deem trustworthy to see the photo.

“We normally share photos in a certain context and with a certain audience in mind,” said Secret.li representative Deepak Tewari. “With the sheer volumes of photos being shared and the complex relationships between people, the context and the intended audience are soon lost to us … we created Secret.li to put privacy control right back in the hands of the user.”


Once you’ve sent your protected photo, the folks you’ve allowed to access it will be prompted to view it in the app or use Secret.li’s Facebook application (in case they don’t have an iPhone). No copy of your photo is stored anywhere, and once it’s gone, it’s (allegedly) really just gone.

To learn more about the app or pick up a free copy for yourself, head over to Secret.li’s website or drop by the iTunes App Store.

(via Engadget)