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Quick Astrophotography Primer for First Time Photographers of the Night Sky

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If you’ve never attempted to photograph the night sky, be it a constellation or a planet, the idea may seem daunting. You may think that you need a specific type of camera or that you need to invest in a high-quality telescope.

While those things can be true in certain situations, astronomer Mark Thompson takes a minute in the video above to show you how to capture great photos of the night sky using very little in way of equipment.

The video is a snippet from a program on BBC Two called Stargazing LIVE. In the show, Thompson, alongside other astronomers and scientists, helps amateurs and astronomy enthusiasts get better acquainted with the cosmos.


Of course, serious astrophotographers use some equally serious equipment to get some incredible shots (if you haven’t seen it yet, astrophotographer Forest Tanaka gives a great intro to buying your first telescope here) but if you’re just now getting into astrophotography, some time spent in your backyard with nothing more than a kit lens and your SLR can still turn out some great results.

Thompson shows you how great photos and composites taken even with a point-and-shoot or webcam through a telescope eyepiece can look if you do them right. Click play at the top for all the tips and be sure to check out more of the astrophotography pics, news and tutorials we’ve shared in the past here.

(via Reddit)

1 Comment