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Charts Comparing the Prices of High-End Compact and Mirrorless Cameras



Want to see how the prices of various compact and mirrorless cameras stack up against each other? 1001 Noisy Cameras created this handy chart showing the prices of RAW-capable compact cameras on the market.

The prices seen were collected on the afternoon of May 14, 2013 by taking the lowest price found at three major online camera retailers: Amazon, B&H, and Adorama. To keep the list manageable, only cameras with sensors of at least 1/1.8-inches were considered.

There are actually three notable “outliers” that were not included in the chart above: the full-frame $2800 Sony RX1, the $1995 Leica X2, and the limited edition $1500 Fujifilm X100.

Here’s what the same chart looks like with those pricey cameras included:


1001 Noisy Cameras also created a chart showing a snapshot of prices in the mirrorless market. Of all the various kits that are available to consumers, the chart shows the lowest price found for various color and kit lens combinations.

The chart also omits tiny sensored mirrorless cameras (e.g. the Pentax Q) and extremely expensive ones (e.g. the Leica M series):


As you can see, the cameras’ prices range from $250 to $1400, and there aren’t any large gaps that need to be filled in. There’s a little something for everyone in the world of mirrorless cameras.