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Insurance Company Cites Photography as Most Common Wedding Vendor Issue



According to a recent analysis of its 2012 wedding insurance claims, Travelers Insurance cites the photographer as the most common cause of wedding day mishaps. In its breakdown of the numbers, 24 percent of all wedding issues (the largest chunk) were vendor-related, and 58 percent of all the claims filed under that category involved photos or video.

Here’s Travelers’ wedding cake infographic of the numbers:


If we break down the numbers a little further, 58 percent of all vendor-related issues comes out to about 14 percent of all wedding issues. That means that bad wedding photos ruin a wedding about as often as bad weather, and only 4 percent less often than Illness and injury.

Regarding photography, the actual report only mentions issues with loss or damage as reasons why photogs might be held accountable, making no mention of actual quality — as we’ve seen before, tussles over quality are usually resolved in court.

But whether problems revolve around bad photography, lost photography, or poorly-timed photography, it ought to be every wedding photog’s goal to stay the heck off this report next time around.

(via Fstoppers)

Image credit: Photo illustration based on this photo by Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism