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Sony Launches Helpful Tutorial Website for New Photographers



With more entry-level DSLRs on the market now than ever, the camera manufacturers seem to understand that it’s time to woo the beginners. Canon is doing it with a new DSLR simulator website, and now Sony has launched a helpful microsite of its own, focusing on video tutorials that’ll get Sony α beginners off to a good start in the world of photography.

The Sony α Portal, as it’s called, puts together a slew of video and photo tutorials on subjects ranging from the exposure triangle, to composition, to white balance. And once you’re done with the basic tutorials in the Learn section, you can head over to Shooting Techniques to find out more about photographing specific scenarios.

Here’s Sony’s tutorial on composition:

In the Shooting Techniques section, you’ll find photo tutorials for low light, urban landscape, macro photography and more that are there to prepare you for whatever situation you may run into. Each tutorial takes several approaches to photographing, say, Sports, and breaks down the specific techniques used capture the perfect photo.

Once you’ve explored all the different shooting situations, you can browse the rest of the microsite to find out more about Sony lenses, learn why you made the right choice by going Sony in a section titled “α Advantages,” and get inspired to take great photos in the Sony World Photography Awards section.

Here are some of Sony’s tips on proper White Balance:

As with Canon’s DSLR simulator, the site doesn’t go too far past the basics and probably won’t be of much use to more advanced photogs. But for those just getting into photography, and especially the brand new Sony α owners in your life, the site is chock full of tidbits, tips and techniques that they would do well to learn before they go boldly into the night (or day, or their kid’s soccer game…).

(via sonyalpharumors)