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Nikon SDK C# Wrapper Library Lets You Control Your DSLR from Your Computer



Nikon released software development kits (SDKs) for its SLRs some time ago, allowing for developers to create software that play nice with Nikon cameras. Using the company’s DSLR SDKs, savvy programmers can develop software that controls camera functions such as aperture, shutter speed and even shutter release.

Unfortunately, Nikon’s SDKs are notoriously difficult to work with. But if you’re just dying to control your SLR from your computer, SourceForge user Thomas Dideriksen has kindly done the heavy lifting for you by putting together an open source C# wrapper library that allows you to do just that.


The wrapper library uses a set of C# (C Sharp) programming commands to control your Nikon DSLR when it’s connected to your computer (Windows only) by USB. Using the wrapper, you can capture JPEG and RAW images directly to your computer’s hard drive, receive “Live View” images, record video, query and change camera settings (e.g. exposure, aperture, ISO etc.) and “much more.”

For more info, interested developers can head over to SourceForge to download the open source wrapper library and put it to some productive use.

Nikon SDK C# Wrapper [SourceForge via Nikon Rumors]