Hama Announces Wireless Data Reader for iOS Devices, Doubles as a Router


The folks at Hama just announced a new accessory that should make life as an iPad or iPhone toting photographer a bit easier. No, we’re not talking about the guys who shoot with their iOS devices; we’re talking about the people who use them for on-the-go storage, editing and sharing.

The accessory is simply called the Wi-Fi Data Reader for Apple Devices and it does exactly what its name implies: it allows you to upload photos from USB, SD, SDHC and SDXC to your iPad without plugging anything in.

Technologically it’s not a massive leap forward, but there are times when having a wireless card reader can come in handy on location. All you have to do to get your data from your card onto your (iOS 5 or later) phone or table is open Carry Technology’s free Wi-Reader app and transfer away.

Here’s a look at how uploading will work with the Wi-Reader app:

What’s more, sending over data wirelessly isn’t the only thing the reader can do. The feature that make’s Hama’s reader stand out is its ability to double as a router. Using the ethernet port on the side, you can hook up a wired internet connection and broadcast a wireless signal — the mini-router will let up to 5 other devices connect.

Details in the press release were a bit thin, but looking at the online stores Hama links out to, it looks like you can expect to pay anywhere between €70 and €100 (about $90 – $130) to get your hands on it. At three times the price of Apple’s tethered camera connection kit that may be a bit steep, but the multi-functional little device could still make a good addition to the old camera bag.

(via PhotographyBLOG)

Image credit: Photo illustration based on iPad Case by Yutaka Tsutano