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Make a Ridiculously Simple Camera Rain Jacket Using Gore-Tex and Rubber Bands


When it comes to protecting our gear, we tend to go for the expensive because, as they say, “you get what you pay for.” But once in a while, a simple idea that helps you save a few bucks may not be such a bad thing.

We’ve shared a few DIY rain guards before — they usually involved some sort of clear plastic bag and tape — and even though those were simple enough in their own right, HDSLRNOW’s makeshift rain cover makes them all seem a bit complicated.

The folks at HDSLRNOW decided to release the tip after they used it to keep their own 5D safe during a rainy time-lapse shoot. They didn’t have a ziplock freezer bag or a takeout container handy, but do always carry a sheet of water proof Gore-Tex material.


So, using that material and some rubber bands, they secured a makeshift rain jacket onto their SLR and kept shooting. The results aren’t particularly pretty, and it’s definitely not going to work in a hurricane, but a small sheet of Gore-Tex is an easy addition to your camera bag — and it’ll only cost you $11 on eBay.