Take Control of Lightroom Using Touch Gestures with ‘The Touch’ App

The Touch is a Mac app created by Arctic Whiteness that allows photographers and videographers to get a better handle on Lightroom and Final Cut Pro X by adding extensive touch gesture functionality.

Using The Touch and either a magic trackpad or the company’s free iPad app, you never have to take your eyes off your work in order to tweak it. You can adjust sliders, move through photos, and even set star ratings without ever glancing down at the keyboard or digging through side panels.


The app allows users to do this by providing a set of preprogrammed one, two, three, four, and five-finger gestures and taps that combine to provide most of the functionality you’ll need when editing in either Lightroom of Final Cut.

If you edit on a laptop, you can already used The Touch with the trackpad built into your MacBook Pro. If, however, you intend on using The Touch on an iMac, you’ll have to have a Magic Trackpad or an iPad handy. Here’s another ad showing off The Touch’s functionality using the company’s free iPad app add-on:

Getting used to the gesture controls will probably take some time, but once you have all the taps and swipes down, you’ll be able to disable the app’s automatic HUD, close those side panels, and start editing your photos fullscreen. You can learn more about the app or pick up your copy for $20 by visiting Arctic Whiteness’ website here.

The Touch [Arctic Whiteness via Cult of Mac]