JackPod Turns Your Phone’s Headphone Jack Into a Tripod Mount


As more and more consumers use their smartphones as their primary camera, camera gear manufacturers have been brainstorming new products designed to mount phones to camera tripods. Universal mounts to this point have largely been focused on ways of gripping the phone securely. The JackPod is a new stupidly simple answer to how to get phones mounted to tripods: it uses the standard headphone jack found on pretty much every smartphone on the market.

Created by Denver, Colorado-based inventor and photo enthusiast Joe Simon, the JackPod is a little cube that has a standard tripod screw mount on the bottom and two headphone plugs — one on top and one on the side.


Simply mount the JackPod to your tripod, and then slide your phone onto one of the plugs. As long as your phone’s jack can be accessed, it doesn’t matter what make or model you have, or whether you have a case protecting the device — it’ll work. The fit is so snug that it can hold your phone upside down.


At 0.2 ounces and as small as your thumb, it can be neatly tucked into your camera bag for any time you need stabilized smartphone shots.

Simon is currently raising funds for the project and taking preorders through Kickstarter. A $10 contribution will snag you a JackPod with free shipping to anywhere in the United States.

P.S. Don’t want to fork over money for a smartphone tripod mount? You can always make your own using binder clips… Yeah.