A Clever Interactive Music Video Inspired by Photoshop


NYC-based creative agency OKFocus has created a brilliant interactive music video for the song “Not The Same” by Tanlines. The experimental video is styled after Photoshop’s workspace.

Each of the band members is a layer, and most of the tools and interface items you see on the screen can be used to customize the video. You can toggle the visibility of each of the band members by clicking their instrument’s icon on the toolbar.

Make a particular instrument hidden, and the sound disappears as well. This allows you to listen to certain elements of the song in isolation if you want.


You can also move the band members around by clicking and dragging. Want to make the performers look strange? Try clicking the corners and resizing them to weird aspect ratios.

The layers box is filled with different backgrounds for customizing the appearance of the “show”. Here’s what the video looks like when the beach layer is made visible:


It’s a brilliant idea by OKFocus, which will likely have a viral hit on their hands by the end of this month. Head on over to the music video’s website to give it a listen and play around with it yourself!