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‘Steven Tyler Act’ Working to Ban Celeb Photography in Hawaii



Paparazzi working in the state of Hawaii might have to pack their bags and move back to the mainland. That’s because a new bill requested by Aerosmith lead and part-time Maui resident Steven Tyler may soon ban celebrity photography in the 50th state all-together.

Dubbed the ‘Steven Tyler Act,’ the bill would ban celeb photography while giving stars the right to sue over unwanted photos. Normal tourists and photographers need not worry — you’ll still be able to take pics of paradise while on vacation or hiking through Kalepa Ridge for a landscape shoot. But paparazzi living in the Aloha State may soon be saying goodbye to their jobs or hello to a lawsuit every time they publish a photo.

We’ve already seen the extent to which the paparazzi will go to get a shot, and the tragic consequences these tactics sometime lead to — and all this in a state with newer, more stringent anti-paparazzi laws.

Maybe an all-out ban is the only way to keep these things from happening while returning a shred of privacy to the people whose status allows for little to none. At least Hawaii legislators seem to think so: according to Jaunted, over two-thirds of Hawaii state senators have already signed on in support of the bill.

(via Digital Trends)

Image credit: Steven Tyler by media_media_biz