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Groin Punches and Verbal Abuse: The Perils of Celeb Photography



While finding it hard to hit the bars set by Lamar Odom and Kanye West, celebrities and wannabe famous people continue to pioneer new avenues for abusing photographers. Just in the last few days:

  • Argentinian soccer coach Diego Maradona allegedly delivered a resounding kick in the groin to a photographer for a national celebrity magazine. Enrique Medina of Gente told the Associated Press that Maradona ran at him “like he was taking a free-kick” and connected so solidly with his crotch that he doubled over in pain. No word on whether he’ll press charges.
  • Meanwhile in Newark, Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice, arriving at a federal courthouse with wife and fellow “Real Housewives of New Jersey” “star” Teresa Guidice to face multiple bank fraud charges, encouraged one photographer to respect his personal space by almost smacking the camera out of his hands:

  • And in Los Angeles, “Twilight” actress Kristen Stewart, irked at a photographer pestering her with questions about her love life, informed the lensman he was a POS who doesn’t “deserve to breathe the same air I do.”

Now don’t you fee better about your job?

Image credit: “PappLosAngeles” by Blackbowl17