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Send Quality Prints of your iPhonography Overseas for Cheap with Flicpost



Businesses aimed at dealing with an increasingly digital photography world are popping up all the time. Beyond just retro photography apps and lo-fi attachments that make it seem like you’re shooting with an old camera, the problem now becomes how to prevent those photos from disappearing into binary oblivion.

Polaroid has a solution on the way, and you could always print them yourself, but if you want to get smartphone prints made and sent off right now on the cheap, Flicpost may be your best bet.

Using their service, you can upload photos straight from your phone and have Flicpost print 5x7s and send them overseas, often for less than the price of postage alone.


The only real limitation is that each package can include no more than 12 photos; then again, that’ll prevent the young-ins from sending 50 pictures of their breakfast to grandma and grandpa in Europe — you have to be a bit pickier than that. Not everyone wants physical prints, and in that case you could always send e-mails, but if you have relatives overseas that would like some high quality pictures, Flicpost has you covered.


You can check their per-picture rates for printing and delivery all over the world by heading to their website or downloading their free iPhone app (Android in the works). Or, if you just want to get a basic feel for the service, check out the promotional video below.

(via Cult of Mac)