HTC U11 Beats Google Pixel to Become DxOMark’s Top Smartphone Camera

In a totally unexpected turn of events, Googles extremely impressive Google Pixel was just unseated as DxOMark Mobile's best smartphone camera by the new HTC U11. DxO announced the news a few hours ago, giving the U11 a top score of 90, one point better than the Google Pixel and 4 points higher than the iPhone 7.

Google Engineer Raises the Bar On Low Light Smartphone Photography

When Google software engineer Florian Kainz showed his friends on the Gcam team a nightscape he captured using his fancy Canon 1DX, they threw down the gauntlet. Take that same photo, they challenged him, but with a smartphone camera instead. He accepted, and succeeded.

Louie Schwartzberg on Smartphone Pics & How They Offer a Glimpse Into Your Soul

In the age of smartphones whose cameras are getting better with each passing day, we tend to snap more photographs now than ever before. But have you ever wondered, looking back at your photos, what they say about you as an individuals?

Well, award-winning filmmaker, time-lapse photographer and incredible TED Talk presenter Louie Schwartzberg has, and in the short clip above, he shares his thoughts on it with Oprah.

Send Quality Prints of your iPhonography Overseas for Cheap with Flicpost

Businesses aimed at dealing with an increasingly digital photography world are popping up all the time. Beyond just retro photography apps and lo-fi attachments that make it seem like you're shooting with an old camera, the problem now becomes how to prevent those photos from disappearing into binary oblivion.

Polaroid has a solution on the way, and you could always print them yourself, but if you want to get smartphone prints made and sent off right now on the cheap, Flicpost may be your best bet.