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Yahoo Sees Stock Jump After Earnings Call, is Enthusiastic About Flickr


Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer held her first earnings call yesterday, and it appears that stockholders were pleased with the company’s latest quarter figures: the stock price has been soaring since then. Among the areas that Yahoo sees promise in are Flickr and mobile, as well as a combination of the two.

TJ McCue over at Forbes writes that Yahoo has revived Flickr:

In late August, the company released a new Flickr for Android app which has gotten healthy reviews and downloads. It isn’t Instagram, but then, neither is Flickr. Despite seeing a home page change that moves the Flickr link to the far left navigation panel, there is a definite focus on consumer apps and content, where Flickr has a large following. Many felt that Flickr was getting the short end of the proverbial stick over the last few years, but Mayer certainly sees the mobile future and Flickr is a big part of it.

Former Yahoo Chief Product Officer Blake Irving reaffirmed Yahoo’s commitment to Flickr in early 2011.

In the actual earnings call yesterday, Mayer mentioned Flickr by name three times:

We released an updated version of Flickr for Android, which has been getting rave reviews from our end users, including thousands of 5-star ratings.

[…] we need to make the bridge to Mobile, Finance, News, Sports, Games, Messenger, Flickr, Answers, Groups, the core big Properties here at Yahoo!.

[Yahoo’s new strategy is] continuing to invest and really rejuvenating our investment in the key verticals where we already have a leadership position: Finance, Sports, News, Flickr, many of those; and really getting very focused on the shift to mobile.

Flickr currently has 51 million registered members, so it’s definitely a solid starting point for Yahoo as it tries to take its services mobile.

Facebook has just reported major profits and growth in mobile, so don’t be surprised if we begin seeing Flickr heavily investing in this front.

P.S. As a side note, apparently Yahoo is no longer featuring Flickr on its front page

Image credits: Photograph of Marissa Mayer by Mrgadget3000, stock chart by Google Finance, Q. Is Yahoo Comitted to Flickr by Thomas Hawk