Hoocap: A Lens Cap That Transforms Into a Hood, and Vice Versa

Lens caps are often cast aside in favor of lens hoods, but what if you could have both in one accessory? That’s what the Hoocap does. It’s not as fancy as the blooming lens hood concept we featured a year ago, but it seems pretty well thought out. Extend the cap/hood out from your camera, and the two “curtains” open up, allowing the camera to “see” and blocking errant light from causing flares. Close it, twist it, and push it into your lens, and it locks into its closed position for protecting your glass.

Here’s a short demo video showing how the accessory works:

Photoclubalpha recently reviewed the Sony NEX version, and writes,

It’s not awful, but this f/16 test shows exactly the area of shadow the hood will cast for a typical party or group shot at home. You really need to remove the hood for flash shooting.

Much will depend on the price, but we like this product. It closes the camera off in a very fast action – clunk! – and opens it almost as quickly. It can also be used on the 18-55mm lens but it’s super-neat on the 16mm.

The company behind the accessory is planning on creating versions for Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Leica cameras. If you’d rather not wait it to show up on the shelves and websites of major retailers, you can buy a Hoocap on eBay for $49 (only the Canon version is offered at the moment).

(via Photo Rumors)