Balotelli Tries to Pull a Bolt, Only Gets a Lens Hood Instead of Awesome Pictures

If you’re a superstar athlete looking to swipe a sports photographers DSLR for some impromptu picture taking, here’s a pro tip: do it nicely.

Earlier this month, Usain Bolt made headlines for some “spot news photography” at the London Olympics. After winning yet another gold medal, Bolt grabbed a DSLR from a photographer he knew and started snapping some awesome POV photos. Perhaps inspired by Bolt’s antics, soccer player Mario Balotelli of Manchester City tried his hand at swiping a photog’s camera this past weekend, but was far less successful.

While walking through the stadium’s tunnel and into the locker room, Balotelli noticed club photographer Sharon Latham snapping away at him. Deciding to have a little fun at Latham’s expense, Balotelli decided to try and swipe the camera, grabbing it by the attached flash unit and yanking it upwards.

Latham held on tightly, though, and in the end Balotelli had to settle for the lens hood, which he twisted off and quickly ran away with.

If only Latham had given the camera over, we might now be debating whether Balotelli or Bolt is the better photographer.