Japanese Designer Creates Shiny Jewelry for Dressing Up Your Camera

Forget rings on your fingers or grills on your teeth: Japanese designer Jay Tsujimura thinks your camera is where bling should go. Presumably geared towards people who use pricey cameras as a fashion accessory and status symbol, Tsujimura’s premium line of camera jewelry is designed to adorn hotshoes and shutter releases.

The accessories are made of silver, gold, or platinum and are crafted by hand. You can choose between two designs: Floral or Lizard. As the names suggest, the Floral ones feature flowery patterns, while the Lizard ones resemble the scaly skin of reptiles.

They fit the standard hotshoe mounts of most camera brands, including Leica, Nikon, Canon, Fuji, and Ricoh.

For the helplessly rich, Tsujimura also offers the jewelry with diamonds embedded inside the metal.

How much is the bling, you ask? Wrong question! They aren’t designed for you.

We kid. Poking around in the product pages, it appears that the shutter releases start at around $225, and the hotshoe fillers have a base price of around $300. Chump change if you’re carrying around an $8,000 Leica as bling.

For those of us more interested in using cameras as cameras, we’ll just have to be content with sticking PEZ dispensers in our hotshoes.

Jay Tsujimura Premium Collection (via Highsnobiety)