How to Shoot RAW Time Lapse, A Tutorial Series by Preston Kanak

Over the years we’ve featured many incredible time lapse videos shot in locations ranging from Disney Land to Paris, but seeing an awesome time lapse and making one from start to finish yourself are worlds apart. This tutorial series, put together by videographer Preston Kanak and introduced in the video above, offers amateurs and professionals alike the opportunity to learn how to shoot amazing RAW time lapse footage absolutely free.

When it’s all said and done, the series will consist of 7 videos all available for free on the Vimeo group Pay it Forward. In those 7 videos, Kanak will go through everything from gear to specific techniques to distribution, releasing one video every week or two while giving others the opportunity to join the group and upload their own work.

This introduction was uploaded almost a week ago now, so the gear post shouldn’t be far off, but if you wanna make sure you get in on all of the time lapse learning action, be sure to head over to the group’s page and join up. Who knows, in a couple of short months you may be creating your own incredible, moving time lapses.