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Nokia 808 PureView Shows Off Sensor Quality at a Rock Concert


There are a few situations where taking pictures or video can be a nightmare, and one of them is definitely a rock concert. Getting a good snapshot — or capturing good video and audio for that matter — in a situation with that much movement, that many light changes, and such drastic sways in volume doesn’t bode well for the phonetographer. So when All About Symbian wanted to show off how well the 808 PureView’s camera worked, where do you think they pulled footage from?

This video was taken during a Foo Fighters cover band concert, and when you crank it up to 1080p it really shows off the quality of the sensor Nokia packed into that thing. No it’s not an SLR, or even a high-end compact, but in this scenario it probably beats out just about any other smartphone camera on the market. Take a look and drop us a line letting us know what you think in the comments.

(via Engadget via All About Symbian)