Photo Stealers: A Website Dedicated To Exposing Photography Theft

It’s a shame that the digital age brought with it such widespread copyright infringement and, sometimes, downright theft, but it’s a reality we have to live with. Fortunately, there’s a new website up on Tumblr that is looking to help expose the people who are taking credit for other’s work, and in the process help to cut down on some of the blatant infringement many photographers deal with week in and week out.

The website is called Photo Stealers, a site that enlists the help of its readers to spot and point out copycats. If you see, or have seen, a website or Facebook page that you believe is using someone else’s work, send in a tip using Photo Stealers’ submissions form and help, if not stop, at least expose these people to the world.

As you can see above, sometimes the theft is just plain copy and paste. Photographer Martin Leckie was probably pretty surprised to find that not only his photos, but his exact site design (minus a minor color change) had been copied by the UK’s Coleen Sullivan.