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Adobe Launches $1 Million Community Fund to Support Creatives in 2020


Adobe has just announced the creation of a $1 million Creative Residency Community Fund for 2020. The sum, which will be made available in grants to applicants worldwide, is meant to support the creative community during this incredibly difficult and unprecedented time.

The fund was unveiled yesterday through Adobe’s blog as an extension of the Adobe Creative Residency program. Typically, Adobe would bring on a new class of creative residents, funding a creative project of their choice for a year and benefitting from the feedback these creatives can provide.

But supporting a small handful of budding creative professionals seemed wrong in the age of COVID-19, when so many are struggling. And so the software company has set aside $1 million to support “many more creators with funding for their personal projects and [by] hiring them for Adobe-commissioned projects over the next year.” In addition to funding, applicants will receive additional support in the form of a free CC membership and “career guidance workshops.”

Photo by Daniel Korpai, CC0

Applications are already open, and grants will be handed out to the tune of $500 to $5000 depending on the project you’re pitching or commission you’ve been hired to complete.

Creators from across the world can apply, as long as they are “creators of visual work” who are at least 18 years old and proficient in English (or Japanese, if you’re from Japan). While all visual creators are welcome to apply, Adobe says they’re “most interested” in applicants who work with video, photo, graphic design, illustration, 3D, motion design, and product (UI/UX) design.

To learn more about the program or submit an application, head over to the Adobe website or fill out your application at this link.