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Photographer Lets Exhibition Attendees Build Their Own DIY Photo Books


In 1974, Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama had an exhibition in Tokyo called “Printing Show” that featured a Xerox machine in the center of the room manned by Moriyama himself. Visitors were encouraged to select photos from the show, which were then reproduced and assembled into custom photo books. This past weekend, Moriyama repeated the show in New York, once again using a photocopier to provide attendees with custom signed editions of the DIY book. The book was titled “TKY” and bound in a nice silk-screened cover.

John Mahoney of American Photo writes,

[…] attendees were presented with a wall of 56 numbered pairs of Moriyama photographs, all printed with a color laser copier on the premises, not unlike the one you might find in your own workplace. Having taken in the work, guests were directed to make a selection of 20 image pairs in the order of their choice, pick one of two freshly screen-printed covers, and then enjoy a drink while their made-to-order book was assembled and signed by Moriyama, who was there to hang out and take in the whole scene.

Here’s a short video he made showing glimpses of the show:

The Time I Edited Daido Moriyama [American Photo]