Canon 24-105mm Lens Falls From Sky and Tears Gaping Hole in Roof

On September 2nd, a woman in Northern California named Debbie Payne heard a loud crash and, upon investigating, found a smashed Canon 24-105mm lens on the ground and a gaping 9-inch hole in her roof. Now the police department in Petaluma is trying to figure out how the lens apparently fell from the sky.

The Canon 24-105mm weighs 1.5lb by itself, and managed to cause nearly $5,000 in damage to the home:

Here’s my theory on what happened: some daring and well-connected PetaPixel reader was inspired by our August 31st post on RĂ¼diger Nehmzow photographing clouds through an open airplane door, and decided to give it a shot. Then, while trying to change lenses from a few miles up, the 24-105mm slipped from their hand and smashed through Payne’s roof. It all fits, right?

(via San Jose Mercury News and NBC Bay Area)

Image credits: Photographs by the Petaluma Police Department