JPEGmini Magically Makes Your JPEGs Up to 5x Smaller

JPEGmini is a new image compression service that can magically reduce the file size of your JPEG photos by up to 5 times without any visible loss in quality. ICVT, the Israeli company behind the service, explains how the technology works in an interview with Megapixel:

Our technology analyzes each specific photo, and determines the maximum amount of compression that can be applied to the photo without creating any visual artifacts. In this way, the system compresses each photo to the maximum extent possible without hurting the perceived quality of the photo.

You can test out the technology on your own photos through the service’s website.

To test the service, I uploaded a 1024px wide photo saved at the highest quality (12) in Photoshop. The service was able to reduce the 654KB image to 158KB. In the following side-by-side comparison of 100% crops, can you tell which side shows the original photo and which side shows the compressed one?

The right side is the compressed photo that was made 4.1 times smaller through the service!

Now if only they’d come out with a simple Wordpress plugin that automatically compresses every uploaded photo… We’d install it in a heartbeat.