Popular Space-Saving App JPEGmini Now Available for Windows


Beamr’s space-saving application JPEGmini has gone through a few evolutions over time. What started as a web app to reduce JPEG files by up to 5x without losing quality has since spread to the world of desktops and mobile devices with their space-saving Mac app and high-res photo sharing iOS app.

But through it all Windows users have been left in the dark, having to settle for using the web app. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. As of two days ago, the popular JPEGmini desktop application has made its way onto the PC.

JPEGmini uses a special, patented compression algorithm that decreases photo file sizes up to 5x without any perceptible loss in quality. And while you can do all of that using the company’s web app, the desktop app takes the process one step further by allowing you to use the same algorithm on entire photo libraries.


Of course, professionals often work exclusively with RAW files, but if you’re partial to JPEGs or even if you just have a massive stash of photos in that format from, say, your old point-and-shoot or your smartphone, the $20 Windows app has the potential to save you a ton of space with no noticeable compromises in quality.

According to Beamr president Eli Lubitch:

More than 100 million photos have been optimized to date by JPEGmini users seeking to maintain quality while scaling back valuable storage space. Our expansion to Windows … allows us to accommodate the entire spectrum of photo and media workflow from photo capture, editing and storage to online publishing.

JPEGmini for Windows will be available exclusively from B&H Photo. To learn more about the application and/or grab a copy for yourself, head over to JPEGmini’s website or the app’s B&H product page by following the respective links.