Forced to Delete Photos? No Problem, Just Recover Them Later

Here’s a useful idea related to the memory card recovery tutorial we shared yesterday: if you’re ever confronted by someone who forces you to delete your photos (and our magical photographers’ rights gray card doesn’t work), go ahead and delete them! What most people don’t know is that deleted photos can easily be recovered afterward. Even photos on a memory card that’s formatted and completely wiped can usually be restored.

There are, however, a couple things you should keep in mind:

1. Carry Extra Memory Cards

Once you’re asked to delete images, you’ll want to stop using that memory card lest you overwrite them with subsequent photographs. Having extra memory cards with you will allow you to swap out the cards to be recovered later, leaving the deleted areas of the card untouched.

2. Practice Beforehand

Try deleting and recovering your photos beforehand to make sure that everything goes well. Then you can have confidence when deleting your photos that they’re not gone for good. Make sure you know how to use your recovery software successfully (we recommend PhotoRec).

There you have it… a easy solution for getting out of sticky situations when you’re confronted as a photographer while keeping your photographs!

Image credit: Policeman by StartTheDay