Camera Bag and Purse Hybrid for the Nikon D90 by Luxirare

We’re not exactly sure how practical this bag is, but it’s definitely among the more unique camera bags we’ve come across. The Leopard Print Camera Bag by fashion webzine Luxirare is a camera bag/purse hybrid that houses a Nikon D90, a cell phone, and some credit cards, and allows you to shoot without removing the camera from the bag.

A giant hole in the back allows you to review your photos and change your settings:

Walking around with a purse full of holes might look a bit strange. Luckily, the reverse side is hole-free when you’re not reviewing images:

We’re not exactly sure how fun the purse would be to carry around if you have a lens attached (especially a longer lens). However, the biggest deterrent for those of you interested in this bag is probably the price: each one sells for $700 in the Luxirare store.

To see a behind-the-scenes look at the thinking that went into designing this bag, check out this article.

What are your thoughts on this bag? Yay or nay?