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FlashDisc is a Portable Softbox that Folds Up to Fit In Your Pocket



The FlashDisc by Fstoppers is a portable softbox that can fit into your pocket when its not in use, thanks to a design that allows it to fold up in a manner similar to portable light reflectors. It allows photographers to achieve soft directional light in situations where larger softboxes are impractical.

Fstoppers founder Lee Morris first created the FlashDisc seven years ago to use while shooting weddings. The years ago they worked on patenting the idea and bringing it to the photo market.

When the first 1,000 units were released in December 2013, they managed to sell out in less than a day. A larger batch of the FlashDisc is now available to photographers through Amazon.

The FlashDisc folds up to the size of your hand (a ~4-inch pouch) when it’s not in use, allowing you to carry it in your pocket, purse, or camera bag.


When expanded, it becomes a ~12-inch softbox that is compatible with any flash by any manufacturer (it just slips on over the top).


It has a slim form factor, and can be used handheld or with flashes mounted on stands.



On the backside is a gray card that helps you set exposure and white balance without having to pull extra accessories out of your camera bag.

The FlashDisc can be purchased for $50 over on Amazon.