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An Instamatic Camera for Shooting Giants and Other Big Things


Jolayne Attwood (jolayne on Flickr) was at the International Photography Fair in Bièvres earlier this year when she came across this gigantic Instamatic 133 camera. There’s no covert street photography or shooting from the hip with this baby.

Obviously, what we have here is a brilliant conversation piece.

Thing lugging around a DSLR camera is a pain? Stop whining!

No word on what kind of film this camera uses, or whether it can do anything more than a plastic block, for that matter.

Like many photographers, it would be wise to have a compact camera handy for when you’d rather not bring your workhorse.

If any of you have giant-sized camera photos, link us to them in the comments! Anyone have one bigger than this thing?

(via Photojojo)

Image credits: Photographs by Jolayne Attwood and used with permission