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How to Build Your Own Tilt-Shift Lens for Just $10


Tilt-shift lenses are usually pretty pricey, so many people fake the effect during post-processing by selectively blurring sections of their photographs. There’s even simple web-apps that can add such blur to give your photographs a miniature scale model effect.

If faking the effect isn’t legit enough to satisfy your photo-geekiness — and you’d rather not drop big bucks on it either — there’s a nifty do-it-yourself solution you need to check out: Bhautik Joshi over at cow.mooh.org has a new DIY Tilt-Shift project that teaches you how to convert an old lens into various kinds of tilt-shift lenses.

The lenses can be built using ordinary materials found at your local hardware store and cheap lenses you can buy off eBay (i.e. a $10 28mm Minolta). One of the lenses uses a bicycle inner tube as one of the crucial ingredients.

Ready to get started? You can head on over to the tutorial with the following link. Good luck!

Tilt-shift: A DIY guide

Image credits: Photographs by Bhautik Joshi and used with permission