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Digital Holga Concept for a New Generation of Hipsters


Holga D is a concept camera by India-based industrial designer Saikat Biswas that brings the plastic, medium-format Holga camera into the digital age.

The cheap toy camera design retains the optical jankiness that lures hipsters to this type of camera (i.e. vignetting, blurring, and light leaks), but a DSLR-caliber sensor inside ensures that the anomalies are optical rather than digital.

Like the Holga of old, the design is extremely minimalistic:

All the controls you need — such as ISO, shutter speed, and aperture — are found as simple dials on the top of the body and on the lens.

The camera is powered by standard AA batteries, and uses an SD card to store photographs.

Head on over to Biswas’s website to check out additional images and descriptions of the concept.

Is this a camera you would buy if it were made available?

(via Wired)