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Unboxing the Canon Lens Thermos and Coffee Mug


I’ve been dying to take a look at the Canon lens coffee thermos and mug since I first wrote about it back in the beginning of March, but didn’t want to buy a set just to take a look. Luckily for me, the nice people over at canonmugs.com sent me some samples to check out and play around with. In this post I’ll be sharing some photographs and thoughts about these unique items.

The boxes arrived a bit squashed. The packaging is pretty basic. The 70-200mm thermos comes with a small sheet of warnings (i.e. do not microwave it).

The lenses look very much like their real counterparts. Both have actual rubber grips, though the grips do shift around a bit if you move them up or down.

The 24-105mm mug looks nearly identical to the real thing. From the side most people probably wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. I was pretty amazed at how much detail was included. The focus mode switches look like they could actually work.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the focus switch areas. As you can see, the 24-105mm is much more realistic, while the 70-200mm is missing the switches entirely.

The distance windows also differ in quality. The 24-105mm looks quite real, while the 70-200mm one is simply painted on.

So the 24-105mm is the more realistic of the two. However, it’s completely plastic on the inside, while the 70-200mm comes with a nice cap and has metal innards.

The cap fits quite snugly on the thermos, and the 70-200mm thermos feels much friendlier for drinking liquids.


The 24-105mm is pretty amazing in how faithfully it mimics the actual lens. However, it feels more like something you’d have around to show friends, while the 70-200mm is what I would prefer to drink coffee with (if I were a coffee drinker).

They’re definitely on the pricey end of fun gift ideas (~$30-50 each), but could be quite fun for someone addicted to both coffee and photography.

Update: From the comments we’ve heard from readers, it doesn’t look like CanonMugs is a very reputable dealer. We recommend that you purchase these directly from Amazon.com.