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A Global Moment in Time on the Lens Blog


Today, the New York Times’ Lens blog posted the end result of a global photographic project. “A Moment in Time” is an interactive collection of all the images taken May 2, 2010 at 15:00 U.T.C. by the Times’ readers all over the world. By May 4, the Times estimated they had 14,000 images, and were still accepting submissions until May 7.

After what must have been a titan task of accepting and sorting thousands of submissions, uploading, checking and rechecking captions, not without some technical glitches, the Lens Blog has a very impressive portrait of the world.

The images are roughly sorted by geographical region, as well as category, though there is no way to find one specific photo or photographer without a direct link to the picture. If you can’t find the one you took, the Lens editors say that they are still processing more images to be uploaded to the site this month.

Nevertheless, the interactive interface is pretty enjoyable to browse through. There are some interesting recurring themes in regional photographs, like a collection of images of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, or intimate photos of peoples’ bedrooms, morning coffee, and sunsets.

(via Lens)