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B&H Photo Debuts One of the Most Comprehensive and Useful Canon Lens Guides You’ve Ever Seen



Earlier today, B&H officially launched a new online resource called the Canon Lens Experience. It’s a dedicated microsite that takes a comprehensive look at the various lenses Canon offers, presenting unique and interactive features that demonstrate the various capabilities.

Even more interesting is the series of interviews which features 15 well-respected photographers from different fields, each of whom talk about their experience as a photographer and how their respective Canon gear have helped them make the iconic shots they’ve captured.


Upon visiting the site, you’ll be presented with a number of images, each of which present their respective photographer with a short bio and link to their full interview. In addition to the authors’ bios, there are a unique set of graphics and icons below that represent the lens and settings used for each photograph.


If you scroll down past these featured photographers and images you’ll be presented with the interactive features that demonstrate and let you play around with a number of variables available between lenses. Focal length, aperture, tilt-shift, image stabilization and macro are all present, with sliders and buttons that let you control the simulated features.


But as cool as the interactive features on the site are, the really amazing content is in the interviews. Each of the 15 featured photographers delves into the intimate details of his or her work, giving us an inside look at how some of the photographs we’ve seen plastered all over our Facebook feeds and magazines came to be.


Naturally, given the name “Canon Lens Experience” and the fact that it’s being presented by a retail store, the interviews do come across a bit commercial-like at times. But if you can get past that, the stories, information and inspiration shared within each of the articles is well-worth your time.

All in all, this microsite is, without a doubt, one of the most comprehensive, inspirational and well put together resources for Canon shooters we’ve ever run across. So head on over to the site now if you’d like to take a look for yourself, but be prepared to sacrifice productivity for the rest of the day… or week.