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Hasselblad Has Something Up Their Sleeve


Hasselblad has had a cryptic countdown displayed on their promotions page for a couple weeks now, and we’re about two weeks away from the date being counted down to. The text on the page doesn’t provide any hints:

You might have noticed a strange countdown clock on the Hasselblad website lately. You might have wondered what this rapidly running time gadget is counting towards. A countdown away from Christmas? A countdown towards the next sunny day in Scandinavia? Some unknown Hasselblad holiday? Well, “what?” indeed. All we can say is watch the space and try to be patient. Good things come to those who wait.

Any guesses as to what Hasselblad has up their sleeve? Is this simply a clever marketing stunt that hasn’t attracted all that much attention, or is there actually something big planned that we’ll find out very soon? Either way, we’ve marked the date on our calendar, and will report to you if there’s any interesting announcement.

(via Photo Rumors)