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A Year in a Vineyard with a GoPro Time-Lapse


At the end of 2013, I was talking to my client at Ferrari Carano Vineyards about capturing the vineyards and we thought making a timelapse of the entire growing season could be a fun project. I hadn’t done one before, so of course I had to some research before we could start the project. This was one of those projects where everything that could go wrong did go wrong.
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Mars Curiosity Rover Commemorates One Martian Year Anniversary by Taking a Selfie


Last Tuesday, on June 24th, NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover marked the one Martian year anniversary since it touched down on the red planet and began exploring. And what better way to commemorate this occasion when you’re alone some 57+ million miles away home than by taking a selfie? Read more…

How a 365 Project Changed My Life

Jan 22, 2014 · Marius Vieth

Epic Time-Lapse Takes You on a Dubstep Tour of San Francisco

It’s not a proper beginning to the week if you don’t get at least one awesome time-lapse in your system. Okay, maybe we made that rule up just now, but regardless this one is well worth the three minutes of your time it demands. Read more…

One Year at Disneyland in 30,000 Photos

If you didn’t quite get your Disney fix with the creative splash mountain video we featured earlier, this should clear that right up: photographer Daniel Navarrete has put together a massive timelapse of the magical land in the middle of LA. The video is comprised of more than 30,000 photos that were taken over the course of an entire year; so sit back and enjoy a year’s worth of Disneyland from the comfort of your favorite computer chair.

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Man Records 1 Second of Footage from Each Day at Age 30

Cesar Kuriyama spent a couple years saving enough money to take an entire year off from work — his 30th year of life. He spent that year living frugally, doing all the things he never had enough time to do: travelling, personal creative projects, and spending time with family. He decided to document that special year by capturing 1 second of footage every single day and creating a short compilation video at the end, similar to Madeline’s video that we shared back in January. After completing the year, Kuriyama now is planning to capture 1 second from each day for the rest of his life. This means he’ll have a 5-hour video summarizing 50 years of life if he lives to be 80, since every decade creates roughly one hour of video.

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Girl Documents 2011 With One Second of Video From Each Day

A young woman living in Los Angeles named Madeline did a 365 day project that’s a bit different than most: instead of taking a picture a day, she decided to document each day with roughly one second of footage. At the conclusion of 2011, she combined all 365 video clips into this beautiful 7-minute-long video that offers a glimpse into what her year was like.

3888 Photos Captured Over One Year Condensed Into One Image

While we’re on the subject of photos captured over the course of one year, check out this crazy time-lapse photograph by Eirik Solheim of Oslo, Norway (whose time-lapse video work we’ve featured before). The image shows the passing of one year starting from January on the left and ending with December on the right, and comprises 3888 photographs captured during the days that were then combined using a special script that uses one vertical segment from each image.

One year in one image (via Photojojo)