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Review: Snapheal is Great For Mac Users Who Need Content Aware Fill à la Carte

When Adobe unleashed Photoshop CS5 back in April 2010, one of the big features that had photographers buzzing was Content Aware Fill. With a simple selection and a few keystrokes, the tool could magically delete a portion of a photograph and replace the void with details from the surrounding area. The tool was so revolutionary that when a sneak peek demo went viral, viewers began calling the video fake and too good to be true. It wasn’t.
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Aviary Photo Editor Raises $6M Towards Further Improvement and Growth

When Picnik bit the dust several months back, it handed the web-editor baton, in large part, over the the Aviary photo editor. Since then Aviary has been running on all cylinders making consistent improvements and otherwise trying to get you to forget about that one Pic-something editor — and it doesn’t look like the company will be stopping any time soon. Having launched full-blown Android and iOS apps less than two weeks ago, Aviary has now secured $6-million in capital from several different investors, including Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. Read more…

Aviary Photo Editor Launches Full-Blown Android and iOS Apps

Aviary — the online photo editor that replaced Picnik as the official editor for Flickr — is expanding their scope by releasing an Android and iOS app. Up until now iOS users had no Aviary to speak of and Android users had only a “plugin,” but as of yesterday, full-blown apps for both operating systems are available in the iTunes App store and Google Play.

The new app will offer many of the same features you would find in the mobile Photoshop Express or iPhoto: you’ll be able to crop, rotate, add text, sharpen, blur, add preset effects, one-tap enhance and the list goes on. You can also rearrange all of those tools to your liking, so that they better fit the order you would use them in. And when you consider the fact that Aviary sells for the low low price of “free,” there’s really no reason iPhone and Android users shouldn’t go pick it up and give it a shot.

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Soviet Image Editing Tool from 1987

Three years before Photoshop 1.0 was released, computer engineers in the USSR were already retouching photographs using some surprisingly advanced technology. The video above shows how the Soviets went about restoring damaged images with the help of rotary scanners, magnetic tape, and trackballs.

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Aviary Sets Online Photo Editing Free

One of the best online photo editors is now completely free to use. Aviary has decided to offer its entire suite of online apps for free, including its popular Phoenix image editor.

The application used to cost $25 per year, and those who subscribed in the past 30 days can request refunds. While there has always been a free version of Phoenix, everyone can now save files privately on Aviary’s servers, watermark their images, and access the tutorials that previously required a subscription.

Offering the service for free should help Aviary better compete with Adobe, which offers its online version of Photoshop for free as well (up to 2GBs).

I wonder if (or when) online editors will rival traditional programs in terms of power and functionality. Any guesses?

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