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Photographer Escapes Afghan Insurgents After Four Months in Captivity

Dahanah Village presence patrol/KLE

Being a photojournalist in a war zone is a dangerous job. In addition to the physical hazards of combat photography, there’s always the possibility that you will be kidnapped and taken hostage by insurgents.

Back in August of 2011, Australian freelancer Tracey Shelton had her gear stolen even as she barely managed to evade kidnappers in Libya. Unfortunately, 29-year-old French photojournalist Pierre Borghi wasn’t as lucky. Read more…

Snap Snap Snap: A Look Into the Mind of a Military Photojournalist

What’s it like to shoot on the front lines of battle as a military photojournalist? This 15-minute documentary by filmmaker Hannah Hill will tell you. Here’s the video’s description:

This is a documentary about Staff Sgt. Ryan Crane, a United States Air Force photojournalist, who has deployed to Afghanistan twice. He shares his experiences as a photojournalist in a combat environment as well as the mental and physical toll it takes on him.

Crane is based out of O’Fallon, Illinois, and has served as a combat cameraman for a Special Forces, photographing the war with a DSLR and an M4.
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Famed Combat Photographer and Picture Editor Horst Faas Passes Away at 79

Host Faas, the two-time Pulitzer Prize winning AP combat photographer, passed away in Munich, Germany on Thursday May 10th. Best known for his striking work in Vietnam, he was perhaps one of the most famous combat photographers to date. More than just a photographer, though, Horst Faas was also an avid teacher of the art, and a photo editor who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

It was this attitude that made sure two now-iconic Vietnam war photos saw the light of day, even when the AP Bureau hesitated. Both photos — “Saigon Execution” by Eddie Adams and “Napalm Girl” by Nick Ut — brought the Vitenam war into harsh perspective, and without Horst Faas’ determination they may never have made it into the public eye.

Fortunately for us, his legacy lives on in the many powerful photos he either took or taught the members of “Horst’s Army” of photographers to take. If you’d like to see some these photos, including the two that won him his Pulitzer Prizes, be sure and head over to USA Today’s gallery of his work.

(via PopPhoto)

A Night-Vision Lens Used by US Military Photographers

Think your lens is good in low-light conditions? Check out this Nikon D700 with a Nightstalker II night-vision system attached — standard issue for the Navy’s Combat Camera unit. PopPhoto has published an interesting article that offers a glimpse into what life is like as a US military photographer. You an also see an example photo shot with the above lens here.

Life as a US Military Photographer (via Nikon Rumors)