Rumor: More Nikon D750 Specs Leaked


We’ve known for a few weeks that a Nikon full frame camera is in the works. In our previous coverage we’ve shared some of the initial specs and a reported confirmation of the name, but today we have a few more thanks to a screenshot acquired by Nikon Rumors.

While the above screenshot doesn’t make note of these specs being for the D750 specifically, it’s concluded these are for the upcoming camera considering the context clues around the information in the screenshot.

According to the screenshot, the D750 will sport 51 AF points, a frame-rate of 8fps, and will feature TTL exposure metering through the use of a 91k pixel RGB sensor (the same present in the D800 lineup).


Nikon Rumors does note that this screenshot was acquired online and could very well be wrong. But from the looks of it, these specs line up well with previous suspicions regarding the rumored action/sports-focused camera.

With Photokina just around the corner, the wait shouldn’t last much longer, but we’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled and update you if any further information leaks ahead of official announcement.

(via Nikon Rumors)

  • Mike

    Rumor: Nikon D750 will be merged with the Canon 750D, to form the Canikon D750D, with specs in the range of the still unknown 7D II but only a 50MB buffer.

  • Norshan Nusi


  • Sonia

    Stop lying to people about these so called ‘leaks’ because they are NOT leaks.
    Are you so desperate for readers that you have to hype everything you publish?
    Maybe this site is by and for 12 year olds who get excited at the word ‘leak’.
    Those of us with intelligence and maturity will just laugh at you and move on.
    Just grow up!

  • AngryNikonian

    IF the 6.5FPS is true then Nikon can go to hell. They have deliberately
    crippled the camera in an effort to get more money from an expensive
    battry grip to get 8FPS. I was really hoping this would be the camera to
    upgrade from my D90 but Nikon have failed again.
    I will be watching closely the Canon 7DMkII specs…

  • Allen Adnan

    BAD NEWS: Even with the grip it gives 6.5 fps only on DX mode it shoots 7 fps.
    (Said someone with D90)
    but I’m upgrading anyways .. I was going for D810 but this is by far a good deal at the same time I want to own a D700 body, can’t get any confused!