All-New List of Canon 7D Mark II Specs Surface, Given 90% Confidence


It seems the major rumor sites were duped about the upcoming Canon 7D replacement. According to a new Canon Rumors report published last night, previously reported specs for the Mark II were incorrect. Fortunately, it seems they’ve gotten their hands on some new specs that they’re “90% confident” are accurate this time around.

The new specs do away with several of the previously-reported specs. For one, no EOS-1-style top plate is making an appearance. Additionally, both the ability to shoot 12fps and the ‘multi-layer’ sensor the camera supposedly carried can both be considered false.

Instead, what we have is a (potentially brand new) 20.2MP CMOS sensor, a fixed LCD with no touchscreen functionality, Dual-Pixel CMOS AF, Dual Digic 6 processors, 65 cross-type AF points with a dual cross on the center point, 10fps max burst speed, max ISO of 12800 expandable up to 25600 and 51200, Full HD 60fps video capability, lens electronic MF, the same metering sensor-assisted servo tracking (aka. iTR) as the 1D X, and no built-in WiFi.

It seems that previously rumored EOS-1D X top plate won't be showing up on the new 7D.

It seems that previously rumored EOS-1D X top plate won’t be showing up on the new 7D.

From what we can tell, these specs represent the first wave of more accurate specifications to surface about the new Canon APS-C flagship, and chances are good a lot more info will make its way to the public over the next few weeks before Photokina gets underway.

Stay tuned and we’ll keep you up to date on this and the MANY MANY more cameras that will likely be leaked and officially announced between now and then. To paraphrase Ned Stark, “Brace yourselves… gear news overload is coming.”

  • pgb0517

    Why do you report rumors?

  • 424234234

    well it´s already updated so only 60% confidence.
    these rumor sites report every day something else and in the end they will say “you read it here first”.
    it´s a joke. they know nothing.

  • Guest

    aer oyu diselxyci or soemnthing?

  • 424234234

    no i typ fast you stupid fukhead… now go and die.

  • wilmark johnatty

    The 7d II sensor will be central to this camera – if its a new design with increased dynamic range/ sensitivity significantly better than even the 5D3 – it will be a success. If is just the same technology regurgitated like all the canon announcements in the past 3 years – it will be a big disappointment.

  • spiralphoto

    Man I hope the video specs for 60fps 1080p are right. And hopefully that means 120fps for 720p.

  • ksporry

    so basically no breakthroughs, guess we have to wait for mk3 to get what most cameras have as a standard now (like wifi). Very disappointing Canon. Looks like I’ll be sticking to Nikon for the time being

  • whisky

    fluff sells. there’s no news like no news.

  • Kellen Ainley

    Type right or don’t type at all.

  • Paul-Simon

    Information is more valuable than presentation

  • uaio

    I can already smell my third Sony camera.

  • Goatman

    My guess is Canon decided to stick with a full magnesium ally body, making WIFI a lot harder. If you want WIFI get a 70D

  • Buster Vyas

    Why do you want Wifi?

  • Sheong Josiah Kim

    I completely agree. If this article holds true, I get a bad feeling it’s just going to be a Canon 70D sensor with dual digic, which enables faster fps, and slightly modified 1DX AF system. Basically what Nikon and Canon has been doing for the past decade. I highly doubt they’ll ever come out with a new camera with all new features across the board.

  • Sheong Josiah Kim

    *yawn*.. Canon has done nothing exciting for a while now, which is exactly why I switched over to Nikon. Although I can’t say there’s a lot going for Nikon either, at least they were smart enough to adopt Sony’s technology.

  • Ian Lindo

    You can hedge your bets on the sensor’s performance being identical to that of the 70D, though it might be marginally improved. I say this especially because it’s got the same MP count and the same dual-pixel AF sensor based technology. After this, it’ll probably end up in future rebels in some form but with far lesser-performing AF.

  • Michal Rosa

    “most cameras have as a standard now (like wifi)” – you just lied.

  • Michal Rosa

    Well done. Are you taking better pictures now?

  • Michal Rosa

    They must really stink. I can never smell my Canon camera, I guess it doesn’t have any manufacturing defects.

  • Sheong Josiah Kim

    Haha.. I see what you did there! I’ve definitely improved as a photographer, but not because of the equipment. But hey! It never hurts to have better equipment.

  • uaio

    You are sooo funny ;-)

  • clothos

    If the sensor is only 20 megapixels, I’ll pass. I want something that competes well with Nikon. Their 36 mp sensor has been out for a while, so you KNOW their next upgrade will be going even higher. I shoot a lot of macros, and the cropping ability of a high mp sensor is very important. I’ve got a LOT of Canon glass, but if this keeps up, I’ll bite the bullet and switch to Nikon.

  • Frank Stjerne

    Come on Petapixel. Be a serious media. This story is just bla bla bla bla

  • John Thomas

    Sony’s/Nikon’s 36mp sensor is Full Frame. We’re talking about Canon’s APS-C sensor here.

    Also, next upgrade isn’t necessarily higher. Nikon’s flagship D4 (with its variants) is somewhere around 16 mp. OTOH Hasselblad has 200MP. Do you wanna buy it?

  • GuilhermeMendes

    as a designer i must disagree

  • Oj0

    I’m not normally one to approve of flaming, but LOL!!

  • Brent Busch

    Even though I shoot Nikon this looks like it could be a great camera. If Nikon had a DX body with these specs I’d be all over it!

  • rorymbrown

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  • stephaniejmota

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  • James

    Yeah that sounds a lot more like something canon would release in the next month or so. But (big string of numbers) said it best, these kinds of sites basically report everything with the idea that you will remember they where “right” and forget all the things that they where wrong about: a tactic that is admirably very effective.

  • BastardSheep

    The previously leaked specs had me worried this camera was going to be $3000-$5000, which places it well outside of my budget. Now it’s sounding more realistic in specs for the price point everyone it was claiming to be.

    Even with the more realistic specs, I’m surprised by the fixed screen. Sure most if not all sports/action shooting is done via the viewfinder, but I use the screen a lot for wildlife at odd/good angles. Just because this camera is aimed at sports doesn’t mean it should be restricted to it, I find the adjustable screen on my 60D invaluable for landscape/scenic shots.

  • Edgar Allan Bro

    ‘Spec rumors’ are the lamest thing in the Internets Photography World. Just a bunch of speculation to keep the fanboys frothing at the mouth and yelling at each other about minor differences no one else cares about.

  • Edgar Allan Bro

    I have used the wifi on my 6D maybe twice. And one of those times, ended up just plugging in the tether cord anyways.

    It’s a feature that sounds nice to IT donks who buy cameras based on specs, but has very little practical value. If you are shooting in the studio, you can just use a cable with less hassle. If you are on location, you can just use a cable and not kill your batteries with wifi.

    The only real place I can see it being useful is either remote shooting (but even then, it’s got such a limited range that it’s unlikely to be useful) or handheld in the studio where you might get some *minor* benefit from not having a tether cable lying around. Maybe.

    Chances are, anyone who sees lack of wifi as some kind of ‘deal killer’ probably hasn’t thought it through. I’d take a full mag body over wifi any day of the week.

  • Edgar Allan Bro

    Yeah, because it isn’t like Canon have a specialist macro lens that Nikon doesn’t. But I’m sure having *slightly* more ability to crop totally outweighs something that magnifies 5x lifesize vs… 1x.

    Because math.

  • clothos

    I said that Canon presently does not have anything competitive with Nikon’s 36 mp sensor. I didn’t say that I was expecting that size in the 7d mark ii. Previous rumors suggested that it would have a 24 mp sensor. I’d have been happy with that. I’m also interested in ANY Canon with a sensor size competitive with Nikon. If they build it, I will buy it.

  • NickE

    Yawn… Canon have nothing new to offer. The advancement of DSLR technology over the last couple of years has slowed to a crawl. Dual pixel is hardly breathtaking. All I see are gimmicks trying to differentiate the new model from the old. Nothing innovative, nothing revolutionary.

    It’s not such a bad thing. We can all focus on taking pictures and get over the GAS.

  • clothos

    “But I’m sure having *slightly* more ability to crop totally outweighs something that magnifies 5x lifesize vs… 1x.”

    Actually………. it does. Clearly you know nothing about macro photography but a LOT about being an asshole.

  • arachnophilia

    you must be new here.

  • Ivor Wilson

    “Type right or don’t type at all.”

    Somewhere on Planet Internet, there’s a grammar alarm going off.

  • Ivor Wilson

    “It never hurts to have better equipment.”

    No, but being purposefully vague doesn’t help.

  • Edgar Allan Bro

    Nope, but I am good at spotting whinging fanboys. You can usually identify them by the way they ‘threaten’ to leave Canon for Nikon/Sony/Pentax every single time there is a new body announced.

    Oh, and by the sweet, sweet tears when someone calls them on it.

  • clothos

    Soooooooooooooo……… you’re the self appointed whiney police? LOL LIke most wannabees you hide behind bravado rather than knowledge. Your lack of knowledge of serious macro photography is evident. I’ll no longer answer any of your childish responses because I find them boring. I leave with this as a reminder to all who might think of engaging a troll like you – “Never wrestle with a pig. You both get muddy, but the pig likes it.”

  • Edgar Allan Bro

    There is no such thing as a ‘wannabee SERIOUS MACRO PHOTOGRAPHER’. lol. I can’t think of anything less sad.

  • Able Lawrence

    I would have been happy with a better low light performance and noise with fewer pixels

  • Oscar Alonso

    1DX AF system in a 2500 usd camera?? I dont believe so…

  • Bob Bobertson

    I sold a 7d for a Nex 6, didn’t think that would actually happen when I got the Nex 6, it was more of a check it out type of purchase. If this new 7d has a new sensor and with 60fps in 1080p, it may be worth going back. I don’t know though, it’s nice not lugging around a huge camera and lenses. However, the nex 6 doesn’t instill much confidence when shooting outdoors at the beach. If only Canon could put these specs in a mini-7d mirrorless, that would be perfect.

  • BA

    WiFi, GPS and touchscreen are not important to me. Half the time I’m off the grid anyway, in the middle of nowhere with a finite number of fully charged LP-E6 batteries and no outlet in sight. My CF card reader is way faster than any WiFi connection. I’m often wearing thermal gloves and hence unable to use any touchscreen and need big firm control wheels and buttons. There’s more to a Pro Body than consumer friendly features. Most of the folks on these gear head blogs will rarely leave their neighborhoods with these DSLRs, should they actually own one. If the 7D2 has the current 70D sensor I will be happy. Nobody in their right minds does any meaningful photography past ISO-800, maybe ISO-1600 in a pinch. Even my 5D3 sucks at ISO-1600 and is a stretch to take to print reproduction. I would never take a photo and upload straight to social media. I shoot RAW and almost always tweak post processing.

    Now where Canon might lose me is if they decided not to enable 4K video with the 7D2. While it may seem trivial for a mostly still photographer now, it is highly likely that 4K will be the new standard 3-5 years from now, just the way 1080p is today. 4K displays are already breaking into the mid range offerings. If Canon is going to wait another 5years before updating the 7D2, then it should come ready to tackle the next 5 years.

    I am a huge beneficiary of the amazing job Canon did with the 7D design and spec. Till this day it remains in my kit and a testament to this great camera after 5yrs. However, the 7D2 would have to be ground breaking, segment leading, go above and beyond to even set itself apart from the magnificent 7D.

    For a zero compromise APS-C body, I would pay as much as I did for my 5D Mark III. Perhaps even more. I already have cash on hand. It’s just up to Canon now, and how bad they want it. In the meantime looks like the 7D will push half a million clicks some time soon and has at least that much more left.


  • BA

    I’ve owned my 7D for the last 5 years and my 5D3 for over 2 years. I really question the usefulness of sixty-something focus points all crammed into the middle of the frame. It’s little more than a marketing gimmick. They crammed the 1Dx AF system into the 5D3 and then handicapped it by giving it only one processor where the 1Dx has three. The 7D has two and it really shows out in the field when tracking motion/action and even in low light still photography.