Sony’s New KW1 is Part Perfume Bottle, Part Selfie Camera, and All Facepalm


It doesn’t get much more niche (or weird) than this… after releasing a teaser and leaking some images of a very nearly unbelievable perfume bottle-shaped selfie cam, Sony has made the new KW1 compact official.

It is, well, exactly what it looks like. Designed to look like a high end perfume bottle, this 19.2-megapixel camera is made with a swiveling 21mm f/2.0 lens and shaped like a smartphone with the camera perched at the top so that you’re inclined to use it in portrait mode all the time.

Released as a niche product for Chinese perfume enthusiasts with deep pockets, the camera also sports a 3.3-inch LCD display, built-in WiFi and NFC, and a flash that’s bedazzled with two Swarovski crystals. Here’s a closer look at the camera:




The one spec that hasn’t been confirmed, at least not to our satisfaction, is whether or not this thing sports a curved sensor. Sony Alpha Rumors maintains that it does, and their record of accuracy precedes them, but we found no mention on the official Sony China page.

Anybody who can confirm or deny this based on info on this precariously translated page or by some other official means will have our eternal gratitude and an update to their name.

As you might imagine, this camera is only available in China as of right now, and it will probably stay that way. What you might not expect is the price. Thanks to those fancy crystals and the high-end market this camera is made for, pre-order cost roughly $845 USD.

For more info or if you’d like to pre-order one for yourself in China, click here… Happy spraying shooting.

(via Slashgear)

  • Renato Murakami

    I’d take a dump on top on Sony’s efforts too, but I gotta say: even though this concept looks ridiculous (to me) and all, I can’t really hate the overall strategy of trying crazy different approaches.
    Much like the cilindrical camera to be attached to a smartphone thing, I’d never consider buying this… but the fact that there’s still a company out there willing to commercially release such things, just makes me respect Sony even more.
    Weird that they made this a camera-only thing… I thought that it was going to be a smartphone.
    But my guess is Sony is trying to attack all sorts of fronts when it comes to point ‘n shoot cameras. Even going at ridiculous customizations.
    Considering they also have one of the most advanced point ‘n shoots in terms of specs, I guess they also wanted something that maxed out the design range. :P

  • David Addams

    It looks like something designed for Kim Kardashian. Maybe that’s what the “K” stands for.

    I can certainly see the “Selfie Queen” sporting one of these. Hope she reads Chinese.

  • Sato ichi

    KW = KaWaii = cute = selfie.

  • Yousbabtle

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  • bob cooley

    KW = KaWaii = cute = selfie.