These Groomsman Photos Are What You Get When You Go Crazy with Photoshop and Imagination


Photoshopped fantasy wedding photos have gotten quite trendy over the past couple of years, and often involve the wedding party running away from large and scary things (e.g. dinosaurs and AT-ATs). Louisville, Kentucky-based wedding photographer Shane Elliott recently took the concept to the next level with a set of wacky groomsman photos.

In addition to standard wedding photos, Joe (the groom) and his groomsmen also had some “fun and silly ideas” in mind: Darth Vader applying his trademark force choke, George Washington crossing the Delaware, and an intense anime-style fight scene.



The shots were captured outside a parking garage across the street from the wedding venue, and a great deal of Photoshop was used to bring the images to life. Elliott writes,

These definitely aren’t your typical groomsman photos and maybe wouldn’t be appropriate for a lot of clients’ tastes. It’s pretty clear that these guys had fun, though […] Stepping outside of the box for a moment, these are some super fun photos, which definitely illustrate the personalities & interests of Joe and his groomsmen. These are the perfect photos for these clients.

Here are the “before” shots that show what the scene actually looked like before Photoshop did its deed:




You can find more of Elliot’s photography over on his studio website.

Image credits: Photographs by Shane Elliott and used with permission

  • Michal Rosa

    Tacky at best. It would be interesting to see how those people will feel about the pics in 20 years time…

  • Sir Stewart Wallace

    Those are actually pretty well done. I was expecting some half-assed Photoshop job.
    The initial photographs don’t even look that good.

  • Kurt Langer

    In 20 years time, they will probably love them again.

  • IdontwanttoregisterforDisqus

    So, Petapixel asked the photographer for permission to use his photos, we can all also assume the photographer also asked for permission from Disney to use Star Wars imagery. If this were for private work, that would be OK, but I think the photographer was paid for this work, which is a serious copyright No-No.

    Lucasfilm has always said “Do whatever you want with our stuff… as long as it’s not for profit.”

    The Star Wars geek in me must also point out that a Force choke hold doesn’t use or need lightning.

    Aside from these quibbles, top marks on the Photoshop job, the final images turned out great considering the original photos and where they were taken!

  • Adam Cross

    always with the “in 20 years time” stuff… no doubt they’ll remember it fondly.

  • Adomas

    looks stupid. Especially when theres no relation to the wedding itself.

  • The_Nexus

    I love the fact that it’s Taco Tuesday within The Empire…

  • xaphod

    Awesome! Btw the last one isn’t just some random anime film, it’s clearly The Matrix

  • Steven Mackie

    Michal, who really gives a crap about how they will feel in 20 years? If he put a bloody dinosaur in there, then THAT is cliche. These are great photos that I’m sure made him some money with the clients, and now he’s advertised on the net for doing it-so he’ll make more in new clients.

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  • ajbatac

    Great execution. It takes vision and retouching/compositing skills to achieve this. Kudos to the photographer. In 20 years, these will still be fun memories.

  • Adomas

    What? movie-themed wedding? What is this, a seventeen-year old halloween party?

  • MMielech

    How much money are newlyweds (or the parents) wasting on this silly crap? Good lord. No wonder nobody has any money and everyone is deep in debt. Bet the whole wedding cost more than a good down payment on a house.

  • Paul Moore

    What’s wrong with having a little fun?

  • Paul Moore

    Seriously, what do you people have against having fun?

  • Paul Moore

    They probably didn’t pay too much extra from what an ordinary wedding photo costs. Believe it or not, some photographers enjoy being creative every once in a while.

  • Brandon Rechten

    I’ll have to check out the Washington Crosses the Delaware movie…

  • Monte Morgan

    you need to lighten up…..

  • Michal Rosa

    You need to realise that others can have different opinions than yourself and can express them.

  • Monte Morgan

    When i shoot as you Put it “this silly crap” we make a list of every thing they want. they get everything on their list. Then i say you guys want to do some fun stuff. every one I have done, its the fun stuff that is still being talked about. you need to take a deep breath and relax. some people like to have fun. you should try it, you may just enjoy your self. but by your post I would say most likely not.

  • arkhunter

    Some wedding photogs go through this much post production to make their photos look good so why not have some fun with it?

  • MMielech

    That’s OK, I understand, I work with grown men 40 and even beyond who can only have conversations among themselves about science fiction and zombie entertainment vehicles and the like. It’s a little shocking to watch some people never grow up. I guess, sooner or later, they just get older.

  • ajfudge

    Won’t the photographer get sued for using a screenshot of Star Wars? The painting is probably in the public domain now, but films, in the hands of aggressive corporations, won’t they take this thing kind of thing lightly?