Report: Nikon’s New Sports-Focused Full-Frame Will be Called the D750


We’ve known for a couple of weeks that there is a new Nikon full-frame in the pipeline; a camera recent reports claimed would be an action/sports camera. And now, Nikon Rumors “can confirm” that the upcoming shooter will be called the D750.

If you’ve not followed our previous coverage of these rumors — and, regardless of how confident NR is about this info, it is still a rumor until Nikon says otherwise — there is a list of rumored specs floating around as well.


The so-called D750 will allegedly feature a 24.3-megapixel full-frame sensor, Expeed 4 processor, super light body (possibly lighter than the Df), tilting LCD, WiFi support and a price point around $2,500.

Release is supposedly slated for Photokina so we have less than a month left to wait before official word drops, but stay tuned and hopefully we’ll have some images or further specs of the D750 to share with you before then.

  • DickCheney

    It’ll be like the Canon 7D, but with 50 more.

  • Spray and Pray

    How much of this is gonna cannibalize from the D810 sales? seems they’re competing among themselves.

  • Markus WET

    Great, I’m drooling on my keyboard … again!

  • Sean Hurt

    this better not suck, nikon

  • Samantha Decker

    Okay Canon, come on! How about a 6D Mark II? These are the features I’ve been wanting!

  • Sednus

    seldom a short statement says it all and sums everything up so damned well :P , I laughed hard. :P

  • Jordan Butters

    I hope this is true. A sports-orientated full-frame camera which doesn’t eat through memory at a frightening rate. Anyone want to buy a D800?

  • Sir Stewart Wallace

    The D810 has a slow burst speed; It’s not really good for sports photography.

    If this has or can exceed 8fps like the current 7D supports, than it’ll be in its own class compared to the D810. Though, it’d still be competing against the current king of burst: Canon 1DX. With 14fps Raw.

  • Raied

    actually 1dx can only do 12fps raw

  • Jordan Butters

    It’s really not competing against it when you look at the price.

  • Mike

    As long as it’s not going to be a backwards 750D, I’m fine with the +50.

  • Jashan Deep Singh

    No mirrorless? They’ll never learn.

  • Sir Stewart Wallace


  • Sir Stewart Wallace

    If price is the concern for a pro sports photog, than they’d likely be considering something like the 7D which is still an all around excellent camera that shoots 8fps Raw sustained for 25 shots or 8fps JPG sustained for 130 shots.

  • Sir Stewart Wallace

    Considering sales are still far greater than Mirrorless, they’ll learn once they start to even out.

  • Jordan Butters

    This isn’t aimed at pro sports photographers though – they’re more likely to use a D4/D4S.

    I think we’ve got crossed wires – you said that the D750 would be competing against the 1DX, which it won’t be – they are two different price brackets.

  • Ian Robins

    There is still rather a lot of picture takers that still like a mirror. I am rather “old”fashioned that way. I would rather use an optical finder than a evf that cannot keep up with a fast flying eagle anytime.

  • Pat Downs

    I want a D810 (to replace my 800) and one of these! One for action, one for portraits, landscape, architecture, etc. Will be a great duo. fwiw

  • Nikonhead

    If the D750 is an action camera then the OVF is the way to go. EVF is still not up to par. Also AF is still faster than a mirrorless especially when AF tracking

  • Cinekpol

    Quite contrary – they DID learn, that’s why they released DSLR.
    You on the other hand….

  • karel moonen

    BOOOOO! Shame on Nikon a”Flip Screen” really Knock that S**T off.

  • Fark

    Given that Nikon and Canon are the only two profitable camera companies, they may be forgiven.

    Secondly, how often must it be said. Mirrorless lenses will have a different registration distance than SLR lenses so these two will measure fifty times and cut once before throwing out their entire lens catalogues to support a new mount.

    Thirdly, for action, mirrorless really isn’t there yet. Sure you can do it in a pinch but the blackout time is still miles ahead with optical. Be patient, it’ll get here in a product cycle or two.

  • Phase19

    I’m glad I waited to upgrade, I think this is the body I’ve been waiting for…

  • Jashan Deep Singh

    Thank you for your rational comment, what I did was that we aren’t seeing these major companies doing enough on the mirrorless end, nothing against the traditional DSLRs.

    DSLRs are to stay, atleast for a while till EVFs are good enough.
    And yeah, the lens line line up is a concern, but they have to to start investing ‘now’, we all know about kodak.

    Sony a6000 like cameras are making a way, so blackout time shall reduce with time. Also there are technology like in the Fuji X100s and X-Pro I which can employ both EVF and the OVF, so there are ways…

    Thanks for being ‘gentle’ guys!

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    It’s nice to see other folks excited about this camera.

    NR said earlier: “I have hard time understanding what Nikon is trying to achieve with this model”…

    I personally don’t understand this camera either, but I also know we all want different things…

    So, is the real draw the capture speed and built-in Wifi? Just curious.

  • JoeJohnBear

    All Nikon rumors always over-speculate on price. The D600 was rumored to be $1500. MSRP $2000 when it was released. Df was rumored to be much cheaper than its retail price as well. The D750 here is rumored to be $2500. I wouldn’t be surprised if the retail price is at least $3000 because it is not redundant with the D800. The 5D Mark III is already Canon’s budget sports full frame camera. Expect a 6D Mark II with less AF points and frame rate. Do not expect a cheaper camera with features to kill the 5D Mark III way before the 5D Mark IV is released. That’s just overly wishful thinking.

  • rjnikon

    This may be interesting. I love my D700. I don’t really care about video. I wonder if Nikon is going to drop the filter like on the D800E/D810. I may make the jump then. I’m still having a ball with my D700 and D5200. Both really great cameras. The D5200/5300 is a lot of camera for the money. One big seller would be the tilt screen. Using that on the D5200 is a pleasure for macro photography where the camera is pointed down to a table.

  • bob cooley

    We are only at the rumor stage – no need to worry.

  • bob cooley

    Not in a FF body. EVFs just aren’t as quick as OVFs.

    Nikon has a mirrorless system already; this is part of their prosumer full-frame line.

  • catfish252

    Sounds like a souped up D600/D610, may have been the D650 until the D600 problem struck and now it’s too early to bring out the successor to the D610

  • kassim

    Nikon will.

  • karel moonen

    Yea will see.

  • Perttu Torvinen

    I wish Canon would make 6DmkII in a similar vein as 70D: tilty screen, good live-view focusing etc. plus more frames/second in full HD mode. Basically, a camera that does videographing better than any other full-frame DSLR. And for action still-photography, there’s “budget” 5D3 and not-so-budget friendly 1DX. For nature photographers I hope 7D mk II would be similar to 5d3, but with faster burst rate and of course crop sensor. No need to pack it with good video features, there’s 70D for that.

  • T53

    As a D700 owner, I was hoping for an upgrade in something approaching a pro body but think the tilting LCD if it pans out pretty much rules that out. Nikon has never put this gimmick on their pro bodies. I hope they don’t put it on this one. Could be a deal breaker for me.

  • Azety

    7D is not full frame.

  • DickCheney

    Correct, hence the 50 difference.

  • David

    Nikon needs to show some love to the DX faithful. Been a really long time since the 300s and many are eyeing the 7d II as a possible switch. Are you listening Nikon?

  • Thomas Streiff

    I never thought a tilt screen was any good like a lot of folks. After obtaining a Sony A7 for a travel camera, I really like it. Comes in handy for low shots or up high shots (like a concert or group of spectators) so I think the tilt screen would be great. I had a D700 which i loved but sold due to upgrading to more MP and video. Either way I’ll probably jump on this cam if specs are good enough. I’m hoping for at least 24 MP and 51 point focus …

  • karel moonen

    Very disappointing Nikon, Save that tilt-screen S**T for the consumer cameras BOOOO Nikon.

  • karel moonen

    Here’s your rumor stage Bob, have a look at the bottom of the LCD screen look familiar,

  • bob cooley

    Very doubtful that this is a real product shot – the eyepoint is too small/short for a Full Frame, this is a DX viewfinder – see how the D700 looks in the attached image. We’ve seen lots of Photoshop mockups in the past…

  • bob cooley

    fake. Eyepoint on the viewfinder is too shallow – this is a DX viewfinder.

  • Jose Victoriano

    A tilting LCD on a US 2500 ?

  • Kevin D

    you might want to check the back of a D600…last time i checked that was a full frame camera.

  • Patrick Kok

    D810 is not main for sport although focusing is more accurate. Sport one, choose D3x or something. Overall Canon IDx still the best for sports compare with Nikon to fight against AF accurancy. Although I use Nikon body only.