Time-Lapse: Incredibly Dedicated Teen Takes One Selfie Per Day for 7 Years

This might be some sort of record for PetaPixel, because the longest selfie time-lapse I remember us publishing covered six and a half years of life. This one, put together by impressively dedicated YouTube user Hugo Cornellier, covers a full 7, from ages twelve to nineteen.

It’s fascinating to watch him grow up from a distinctly boyish looking 12-year-old to a much more manly 19-year-old who can (and did) grow a full beard. All of adolescence and the beginnings of adulthood packed into one minute and thirty-four seconds. Really, we have only one complaint… would it have killed him to smile just ONCE!?

Update: After looking further, we have shared longer projects. This father photographed his son for 21 years.

  • Daniel Lowe

    Adventures in the 4th dimension: Time. I’ve been thinking for a while that timelapsers can change our perception of time with videos like this.

    I appreciate this as he’s obviously put some thought into animating his shots later and done them semi-consistently

    Someone in advertising will contact this guy in 3.. 2… 1…

  • Adam Cross

    You mean you haven’t featured or wrote about Noah Kalina? ( Everyday from January 2000 and still going) or Karl Baden? he has been taking a self portrait every day since February 1987

  • Jason Yuen

    I don’t know anyone who can stick to something for 7 years like that, let alone starting at age 12. It’s amazing to see his face change as well as the quality of the images improve over time.

  • timelapsesux

    really lame…..I really hate time lapse as it’s become the “stairway to heaven” of photography. Was cool before everyone started making them, most of them really bad like this one. “selfie time lapse” a real low for my former favorite photo website. And another 2 time lapses in 1 day. There are lots of things out there that are actually good and informative. You used to post a lot more of them,

  • Banan Tarr

    You can always take a personal timelapse and just not read the article instead of writing a comment like this? It’s not like they are posting this article in replacement of something else.

  • Tim


  • timelapsesux


  • chlaudio

    He smiled