Visual Supply Co. Shows Off Its Upcoming Narrative Platform, VSCO Journal


Visual Supply Co., affectionately referred to as VSCO, has announced VSCO Journal, a free, minimal platform that allows artists to use photos, video and text to share their narratives to the world. Currently in private beta, it’s not yet available for the masses, but VSCO is being a tease and giving us a nice little close-up of what to expect.

If it looks rather familiar, we’re right there with you. The premise behind VSCO Journals is one that Exposure has been doing for some time now, but with the strong community and ecosystem VSCO has built around their plugins, apps and other services.


There’s no known timeframe as to when VSCO Journal will make its way to the public, but it’s safe to say there will be plenty of anticipation from the creative community. Whether a week from now or three months down the road, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date on when it goes public.

To take a closer look at what VSCO Journal is and browse through the journals of members of the beta, you can head on over to VSCO’s announcement post, here.

  • Chester A. Arthur

    Looks nice. Differs from other blog/photo-hosting “narrative” templates in that it appears that one can flexibly intersperse photos and text in a more free-form way. That is, it looks like one can put in narrative text that is not derived from metadata captions, and that this text can be arranged however one wants. Akin to “hand-coding” a page, as opposed to most systems, which limit writers to a single block of text for the page, and only allow text between photos by using caption text.

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