Heirloom: The World’s First Tomato for Cameras


There are some strange Kickstarter ideas out there, and the Heirloom is one of them. Akin to the tomato needle holder you probably saw at your grandmother’s house as a child, the Heirloom is actually a small, weighted, table-top tripod replacement.

While the name itself is misleading, due to it not looking as most heirloom tomatoes tend to look, it’s purpose is rather straightforward. Essentially a grapefruit-sized beanbag with a standard 1/4” tripod mount on the top, the Heirloom is meant to hold mirrorless, point-and-shoots and mobile devices steady when placed on almost any semi-flat surface.

Currently at only 10% of its $43,000 campaign, the Heirloom has 30 days left to rack up that remaining 90%. You can secure yourself an Heirloom for the early bird price of $30, with it going up to $40 once the early bird pledges are taken up.

It’s practicality seems borderline nonexistent, but it’s rather cute and does seem semi-versatile when it comes to the various angles it’s capable of being used at.


Head on over to the Kickstarter campaign to learn more and secure yourself an Heirloom for a planned delivery date of this coming November.

(via The Phoblographer)

  • Alex

    If this hits the target…I’m quitting my job and digging out the sewing machine.

  • Leonardo Abreu


  • Grive

    I mean, It’s actually very useful product to have. You can stuff it in your camera bag when you don’t want to take a tripod as an alternative.

    But… we already have the pod, which actually exists, can hold a Full frame DLSR with a telephoto, and goes from $25-$45. Also, it’s not ridiculous. And, it’s not the only one. Why risk backing a stupid version of an existing product for the same price?

  • Toby Hawkins

    These anyway exist, no need to fund the kickstarter!

  • Melka

    “Yes but our product is much better because it’s a tomato. Plus it’s red and we are on Kickstarter!!!”

  • Chang

    I’m pretty sure you don’t even need the tripod mount with an under-stuffed beanbag like that. Plus you can buy beanbags that are less tacky. I’m not surprised this isn’t funded.

  • Dennis Luo

    I am not buying. My clothes do the same

  • bob cooley

    Yeah… that looks convenient to carry around w/ your little mirrorless setup. That tomato looks like its the size of a Nikon D4…

  • gereports

    Creator here. The Heirloom is spherical, allowing you to easily level it but also get tilt when you need it. Also, to me the idea of turning the entire body or camera to attach it is akin to turning the lamp to screw in the lightbulb, so the Heirloom is more ergonomically correct. So like it or not, I do believe it’s better than the pod.

  • gereports

    Creator here. See above. I’ve owned and used the Pod. The Heirloom is better.

  • gereports

    Creator here. No, you don’t need to mount it, and that’s part of its beauty. If you don’t feel like mounting it, just turn the mount to the side and rest your camera on top of it. The mount comes in very handy in many situations including hands free situations.

  • gereports

    Creator here. Depends on how you fill it. It will hold up to about a 1 – 1.5 pounds of beans, but will hold and work well with less. It’s up to you and depends on what you’re using it for.

  • bob cooley

    While I applaud the cuteness of the product -its just really impractical in size, and spherical objects are subject to creep – not what I want for long exposures. Good luck!

  • SDP

    Isn’t this just a different design to the beanbag one where you can place your camera on the ground for remote setups.

    This is just stupid now with these designs coming out.