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Statc: A Tiny Tripod Fit for Magneto


Tripods are great, even necessary for a lot of photographic situations, but one thing they are not is pocket-sized. Amateur photographers especially will often find themselves within reach of their camera, but too far from their tripods; and if you’re just a photography enthusiast who likes to snap photos just about everywhere you go, forget carting around a tripod. That’s the dilema Matthew Baty found himself in, and so he developed the Statc, an ultra-portable magnetic tripod head that you can stick to just about any metal surface.

Of course there are limitations: it can only hold up to 2lb so big SLR lens combos won’t cut it, and in many ways Magneto’s tripod head has the same limitations as the character… if you find yourself in a metal-less environment you’re out of luck. But for all it’s limitations it’s still a cool idea that could come in very handy in many situations (there aren’t many tripods you can hang upside down for instance).

The project is still in its infancy, with 28 days and ~$24,500 left before it’s fully funded on Kickstarter, and sports a steep non-earlybird price tag of $60. But, as with anything, you could justify the price depending on how much you use it. Do you use a smaller mirrorless camera and always find yourself close to some metal but far away from your tripod? Well, then the Statc might come in handy. Head over to Statc’s Kickstarter page for more info and pledge options.

Statc – Magnetically Attractive Camera Pod (via Geeky Gadgets)