Gorigit iPhone Case Lets You Attach Your GoPro to your Smartphone for Point and Shoot Style Convenience


There are few gadgets as impressive and versatile as the GoPro. Small, lightweight, and capable, it packs a fairly mean punch into a very portable package. But small as the device is, there’s one notable thing missing: a viewfinder or LCD screen of some sort.

Fortunately, GoPro was wise enough allow you to use your smartphone as a live view for your camera, and now that feature is being taken to a more practical level by a new iPhone case/GoPro mount hybrid called Gorigit.

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 1.40.09 PM

Designed for those who like to use the GoPro as a standard handheld camera on occasion, the Gorigit combines a weather and shock protective case for your iPhone with a GoPro mounting plate. Basically, it turns these two gadgets into one, allowing you to more effectively capture handheld footage using your GoPro camera.

Additionally, the case also works as a method of stabilization, allowing you to keep two hands on the setup and minimize shake without having to resort to using… say… your face.

If you’re looking to get your hands on one, Gorigit is currently on Kickstarter where it’s got 42 days to raise the remaining $30k of its $35k goal. Right now, you can pick up one for a pledge of $40, but there are only 65 of these earlybird specials left, so if you’re interested, head over there now before the price jumps to $45.

GoRigIt: Reshape How You Shoot With Your GoPro! [Kickstarter]

  • kbb

    Does it have an extra iPhone battery in it?
    Does it allow the use of the iPhone’s camera simultaneously?
    Oh well…

  • 1000nunsandorphans

    So you are replacing and lcd screen with another lcd screen? Except this one is not waterproof to 197 ft depths of the ocean (or even get wet at all from the looks of it. @ :14 in the video it appears to have an open window for the phone screen)?

    They should not claim that the “biggest issue facing gopro users is the inability to view what you are shooting and review what you’ve shot” When Gopro has had optional lcd backpacs available since the Hero 1. This is just dishonest advertizing.

    Good luck.

  • Guest

    @disqus_BgRnOeE3NT:disqus No, it does not have an extra battery, but the iPhone’s camera is fully functional while inside the case.

  • Guest

    @disqus_BgRnOeE3NT:disqus No, it doesn’t have an extra battery, but the iPhone’s camera is fully functional while inside the case.

  • GoRigIt

    It does not have an extra battery, but the iPhone’s camera is fully functional while inside the case.

  • Jonathan Soucy

    At this price I would invest in the gopro lcd backpack

  • GoRigIt

    Hi 1000nunsandorphans,

    Please allow me to address your concerns!

    Our case is water resistant, but we will not have exact depth information until we complete testing with the final production model. The actual case will have an open window with silicone sealing – the case in the video was just the prototype. Please refer to the renderings on our Kickstarter page to see the specifications of the final product.

    We truly believe being able to see what you’re shooting is the biggest issue facing GoPro users. The LCD Touch BacPac is expensive, drains battery life quickly, is very small, and requires different housing.
    Our case is affordable, drains less battery, has a much larger/better quality viewing screen, and requires nothing extra.

    I hope that clears things up a bit! Please feel free to contact me with any other concerns. The last thing we’re trying to be is dishonest.

    Aaron N.
    [email protected]

  • GoRigIt
  • 1000nunsandorphans

    Again, how about some truth in advertizing, the gopro with the lcd back does not need a different housing, it needs a different back, which they provide for free when you get the lcd back (along with two other backs, a modified skeleton back and a surface back that is flexible and 100% water resistant but still allows you to use the touch screen….brilliant).

    And if your housing only has a silicone seal. it will only be water resistant, as it will flood soon after submerging it (see: Boyles Law). I have taken my gopros down to 150ft and can see the image very clearly. I only have issues when on the surface in bright sun, which is also true of my smart phone.

    I don’t think trying to, how do I say this kindly, criticize a product that is wildly successful and well designed (the lcd back) and that is pretty good all by itself, is a great way to peddle your new, incomplete product. Yes, the screen is smaller and $34 more expensive on the gopro (who out there has an extra $34?…..most people). But if you think people are going to risk their gopro AND smartphone when launching off a cliff or shark diving in the Bahamas in 60 ft of water, where the pressure is immense, maybe you need to reconsider. And one of the most important things about a gopro is that it is so small you can put it anywhere. Now triple its size…..

    Good luck with your product. I mean it. But be fair to gopro and their tried and proven accessories if you want to be ethical in business.